How we work

We take pride in being recognised as innovative thinkers and expert practitioners - we don't just go through the motions of 'doing' qualitative research.

We challenge ourselves to look beyond the brief to find that extra angle, that breakthrough moment that clarifies what is at the heart of the issue.

Each project is individually tailored using the most relevant method from our portfolio of techniques, often integrating mobile and web technologies within a more established framework. We give the answers to you straight and say what needs to be said. Most importantly, we always provide understanding and insight that moves you forward.

Our portfolio of clients is diverse, so we understand how to react to very different marketing needs.

Our mix of research techniques includes:
 Groups, inc. deprivational research, commando groups, concept labs,
 re convened groups, family groups, cohort work
 Customer Closeness Panels
 Ethnographic and Observational approaches, inc. ad-hoc in-situ
 Pre-Tasking, inc. photo essays & pre-placement
 Social Networking and Web Tools
 Expressive Therapy Techniques
 and, of course, Standard Focus Groups & Depths

Why choose us

Quite simply, because we're very good at what we do and we really love our work.

What also sets us apart is how we interact and challenge one another to find the crucial 'spark' that lights the fire and enables us, and you, to see the answer to your question, viewing it with a fresh perspective and real insight.

The majority of our work is repeat business and client referrals. This is because we provide real value, through the clear and practical way we deliver our recommendations. It was one of our clients who said we have 'unique and genuine commercial edge'. We understand that research isn't just for interest but to help you take your brand or product towards an end-goal.